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The story of what happened to white candy canes?

One of the most searched for items on our site, and not just during the Christmas season, are all white candy canes. And, unfortunately, they are not an item we sell – because they are just not made anymore!

Sp this is the story of the candy cane.  The all white version.  Spangler, one of the largest candy cane manufacturers in the Unites States, used to make all white candy canes. But sometime in the past few years they stopped making them, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere. People loved all white candy canes more for their look than their taste, as they were simply peppermint flavored like most candy canes. But their beautiful, clean, white color was coveted for holiday decorations and crafts.

In the old days, it was common to hang sweets and baked goods from your holiday tree. Candy canes were a perfect addition!

On a historical note, we know the story of a German choirmaster who created white, sugary shepherd’s hooks to keep children quiet during the services. It is likely these were all white.

If you are disappointed about the loss of all white candy canes, we suggest you contact your favorite candy cane company and request their return. We have!