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Valentine's Day Fun Facts

Like any venture, a little experience can go a long way to avoiding frustrations and headaches. Even more so on your wedding day! Managing a wedding candy buffet may seem simple, but we have seen some issues arise. Whether you are having it done by a ‘professional’ or doing it yourself, please make note of the following:


First Valentine sent from jail.

The legend has it that Saint Valentine, after whom this day has been named, sent the first of the Valentine cards, after which the ever enduring tale of love and romance surrounding the day started. He was imprisoned and sent to death by King Claudius II for marrying the king’s soldiers without his permission. While he was in prison, Saint Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter and just before he was receiving the death penalty, he wrote to her from his cell. The love note was signed “From your Valentine”. And, with that, began the tradition of people having and being someone’s valentine.


Teachers get the most Valentines.

Studies suggest that teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards. Thinking of going to give some quality education to high school children? Well, much not use of that if you are thinking of it in some romantic way. The teachers rank atop the list as they receive cards from their students, particularly in the junior classes, most often one from each. The teachers are then followed by children, mothers. Wives and sweethearts come only after them on the list. This ordering doesn’t seem quite like the one we’d normally expect. Well, this is because Valentine’s Day is not only for sharing romantic love. It has been the way to express love to our family members, relatives and friends too. Then, the list doesn’t look that surprising!


Cadbury first box of chocolate.

In late 1800s the first box of chocolate was introduces by Richard Cadbury exclusively for Valentine’s Day. Each year more than 35 million heart shaped chocolate boxes are sold particularly for this day out of which chocolate worth $1billion are purchased in the U.S. alone.


Love IS in the air

It's estimated that 11,000 children are concieved on Valentine's Day. If you know anyone with a birthday on or around November 6th, chances are they are a Valentine romance.


Will you marry Me?

The number of marriage proposals taking place on Valentine’s Day is large, which is quite obvious as it is the special day for the lovers and their loved ones. But, statistics tell that the average number of wedding proposals that take place on a Valentine’s Day is 220,000. This amounts to 10% of all the marriage proposals taking place throughout any particular year. This means out of every ten marriage proposals all through the year, one must have taken place in this specific day. Quite an astonishing statistic!