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We ship candy to Canada!

Canadian shipments:  we are a registered non-resident importer and ship with Fedex Canada.

Our Canadian customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Simplified invoicing
  • We complete the paperwork
  • Lower cost of delivery for you
  • You pay us all duty & GST/HST/PST and we remit it for you
  • No hassles at delivery calculating and paying duty and taxes


Here is an example of how it works:

For an order where the product total is less than $1,600US - we will add a $16.00 broker fee, the appropriate GST, HST, PST, QST, and any applicable duty, which is based on the country of origin for the products you order. The package will then come directly to you, and since you have already had us collect the fee and taxes ( which we remit to the broker and Govt.) you will not to have to pay anything additional at delivery.


If you have a smaller order and would like to ship to a PO Box in Canada, we may be able to send the product in the USPS International flat rate boxes. If this is the case please call us at 216-472-0206 and we can calculate the postage. Please contact us via email by clicking here or call us for more details.