Mint Twists Hard Candy

Atkinson CandySKU: 62697

Size: 3 lbs


IMPORTANT!  Here is what you need to know when you have to have a melt-able product and it is just plain hot out!   

If you take the these precautions as follows:

  1. Ship to a valid business address where someone is there to receive the package on the first attempt and get it into a cool room.
  2. Purchase our ice pack protection, which is offered in the shopping cart page

... and if your candy STILL melts, we will provide a refund for the melted item.  We will not reship these items.  If you do not take these precautions we cannot assume any risk of melting and cannot issue a refund or product replacement.

To avoid melting on idle delivery trucks over the weekend, melt-able orders will not be shipped when the ETA includes transport over a weekend. If you are unsure of ground transit times please call us at 888-729-1960.

If you have any concerns please contact our Customer Service at (888) 729-1960.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Daniel G.

Love them!

laverne D.

I would like to think of myself as a healthy eater. Nevertheless, I have this weakness that renders all my attempts at healthy eating. Of course I am talking about candy. I can not get enough

Not as Minty

Candy was not as minty as Nice peppermint twists which i am used tol The wrapping is somewhat of a pain to untwist.

Michael C.
Almost full flavor

We have scarified flavors for profit. Almost the full presence of peppermint. I am old. I remember real peppermint flavor. I also understand genetically alterations to eliminate sugars. But you also eliminate flavor, They genetically altered to strawberry and apple to ship them distances and to maintain color but the flavor was lost. You have stopped doing business the old fashion way. Bobs lump was the closets to actual peppermint. Then he started cutting the peppermint and not he has stopped producing the lump. Bottom lines lines have destroyed every lie businesses have promoted. /the almighty dollar reigns.

Sidney E.

was a fast delivery and candy is good

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