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Good candy

Dubble Bubble Assorted Bubblegum Tubes

White Mint Hearts
kristine g.
Better then expected

Replacement candy for Tins I got with horrible candy. Was prompt and quick

Charms Sweet n Sour Pops

Great just like I remembered


Was very happy with my order, and will buy again

One of my favorites

I really like that they are so little. I like to nibble on my gum just the right size.

Inconsistent flavor and texture

As someone who was well and truly obsessed with the old Fleer brand Dubble Bubble gum when I was a kid in the 80s and early 90s, I was thrilled when Concord Confections -- who bought the brand in '98, and then itself was acquired by Tootsie Roll Industries in '04 -- kept that original 1928 flavor alive. Even though they didn't keep the original "format" of the gum (the single-wrapped thick cylindrical chunks with a light dusting of powdered sugar), it was still great to be able to enjoy the flavor.

In other words, if I were rating the true, original Fleer Dubble Bubble gum, it would get six stars out of five. :)

Sadly, particularly in recent years, two of the formats they use for the 1928 flavor -- the smaller flat squares in theater boxes, and the bigger chunks in the Big Bars -- have been horribly inconsistent, both in terms of flavor and texture. Their manufacturing and quality control processes are clearly quite sub-par.

More often than not, the taste turns out to be far closer to the modern sickly sweet Dubble Bubble flavor, instead of the satisfying, vaguely-wintergreen-ish, sugary 1928 flavor. Additionally, the texture is frequently very hard and way too thick, meaning it's tough to chew.

I'm giving two stars because occasionally you can luck out and get a good batch that tastes correct and has good texture. But that is quite rare, and given the high prices, it's very disappointing to receive a dud batch and be stuck with a few pounds of bad gum.

I'd love to be able to recommend this gum for others like me who prefer the better, original flavor of this gum, but unfortunately I can't. Nothing against Groovy Candies; it's not their fault. I hope Tootsie / Concord Confections improves their manufacturing methods at some point, but I may never find out because I don't plan on dumping $40 to roll the dice again after being burned several times recently. Very disappointing.

Great customer service

The taffy we ordered did not have the cold pack we purchased in it so the taffy was all meted and stuck to the wrapper and the candy wasn’t how we remembered it, but you refunded our money. Great customer service. We will buy from you in the future and tell others about your great customer service! Thank you

This gift was a wonderful surprise for my friend. He and I share a lot of memories from those gre...

Everything ab


Using the chew in a goodie bag for a 7 year old baseball player’s birthday. His birthday is on a game day!

Great candy !

The Cherry Mash is delicious, and the Butterscotch Peanut Cups !!

Cool pack protection

nice and sour!

I think the candy I remember as a kid was called "Squeezepop" and I was hoping this was similar. It wasn't, but don't get me wrong I'm not angry at all! It's a nice sour candy with a similar flow rate of the candy I was looking for. My kids also all love it. Would get again. Groovy Candies got it to me quick!

Just like you remember as a kid!

I got this for my wife and she went through nearly half the bag in the first week! Perfect flavor, chew, etc. Came in a resealable thick-plastic bag. Groovy Candies got it to me quick!

liquid filled Cry Baby gum, how could it get better?

I'm a streamer and this gum became a redemption for people to put me through (I love it so it's actually a treat lol). It's just like I remember as a kid, and Groovy Candies got it to me quick!

Cute and tasty candy

We got the “ducky” sweet tarts for my daughters ducky baby shower. When the arrives, we opened them and ended up eating a little too many and had to order more for the shower. They are very cute and tasty!!

Great company

I ordered candy bars and the cool pack was included in the box. The candy bars arrived in great shape. Shipping was fast!


Just like in the 50's. 👍

No gluten!

I love black licorice, but Im gluten sensitive. Gimbals Scotty Dogs are wonderful and no gluten!

Feeling like a kid again

I use to get this candy when I was a kid some
70 some years ago cause I loved it. And than
life happened and I would look for it in stores
but could never find it. And just recently I was
talking to my daughter about it and how much I loved it and wish I could find it somewheres
and she said “why don’t you google it”. So later on that night I did, I honestly didn’t
believe that I would find it. But there it was my favorite candy Turkish Taffy. So after all these years, over 50 years I found it. I felt like a kid in a candy store. So right than and there
I ordered enough to last me a long time just in case. You have made one old lady very happy. Thank you so much.

not so good

The taste has no cinnamon at all, it is not for me sorry


I love satellite wafers. It’s like I was a kid again! 😉

Vanilla Bun Bars
Arthur G.
Vanilla Goodness

Great candy bar. Just like I remember. Fast Delivery great company.

Cool packs are small

I only purchased (2) cool packs for my order. Although my order arrived in perfect condition despite our 80+degree weather, now that I know their size, I will get (4). They’re priced perfectly to do so anyway. Thank you for your expert packing and emailed alerts, too!