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Kosher Candy

We carry a number of kosher products. We have begun to list the manufacturers kosher symbol (hechsher) on our products. This is going to take some time given the hundreds of agencies that certify kosher goods. Also please note many manufacturers are now using multiple plants to make the same items, and some of these plants are kosher and others are not. Therefore, we can not always be assured of receiving kosher product, and may not know until we receive our shipment. Please contact us if you need detailed information and have questions. Also, our bulk candy products are repackaged from the factory master cases and do not have the Kosher certification marking on them. Please contact us while ordering if you need the Kosher marking on your ordered products.


So while we will do our best to present current and accurate information, we are not a manufacturer of candy and do not design how kosher candy is packed and labeled. Therefore we cannot guarantee a kosher certification is authentic.

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