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Wedding Candy Buffet DONT'S

Like any venture, a little experience can go a long way to avoiding frustrations and headaches. Even more so on your wedding day! Managing a wedding candy buffet may seem simple, but we have seen some issues arise. Whether you are having it done by a ‘professional’ or doing it yourself, please make note of the following:


Don't plan to assemble it for the first time on the big day.

Go through a dry run, either at home, of with the caterer. How big will the table/display be? Will guests walk through the buffet on one side or both? What will you use for the table cloth and risers for the various dishes? Do you need an electrical outlet and extension cord? Did you check the outlet works? Where will the backstock be stored? Am I going to label each candy separately? Who is making the signs? Spending 15-30 minutes addressing these questions and imagining your buffet is well worth the time.


Don't do it yourself.

Doing it with a small team of helpers. You and your party should spend the reception with guests – not filling candy bowls! Appoint a reliable person to oversee the candy buffet. They will tidy up the buffet and make sure the candy and supplies are stocked. Many times the caterer will do this – you just need to clarify ahead of time. Best thing we saw – the bride made a diagram of how she wanted the buffet done and supplied her team and the caterer a copy.


Don't open your candy buffet as soon as guests arrive

Decide on the best time the candy buffet is open for your guests. One bride shared with us that the buffet was raided and almost empty before her guests ate dinner! If it needs to be set up before dinner, we suggest 1) a sign indicating the candy is not yet available and 2) hiding the scoops and dishes! We have also seen the father of the bride let the guests know the candy buffet will be open after dinner during his remarks to the guests.


Don't drop off candy on the day of your wedding

Ask your hall / caterer if you can drop off all of the candy buffet items the day before and have them stored securely and temperature controlled. You might be surprised how heavy the cases of candy can be and of course then this is one less thing to have to assign to someone the day of your wedding!


Don't let your guest get candy dry mouth

Consider having small bottles of water near the candy buffet. This will help keep your guests hydrated and help with those guests that are drinking sweet alcohol drinks all evening!

Click on the video below for our candy buffet video how-to guide!

Create a colorful candy buffet