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Groovy Hallween Recipes


In honor of Halloween here is an easy and fun recipe:

Groovy Halloween Twizzler Cake

Halloween Twizzler and candy cake from cakewhiz.com

Ingredients and supplies:

  1. Chocolate cake mix

  2. Chocolate buttercream icing 

  3. Black Twizzlers 

  4. Yellow and orange M&M candies

  5. Orange ribbon

Step 1: Bake a chocolate cake according to directions on the cake mix box and frost it in chocolate buttercream.

Tip: Do not use white frosting! Make sure your icing is dark in color or use chocolate frosting coz black licorice leaves black stains and they show through the cracks between the licorice.

Step 2: Start sticking your black Twizzlers all around the cake. Cut the Twizzlers in half to match the height of the cake.

Step 3: Wrap a bright orange ribbon around the cake to hold Twizzlers in place. Without this ribbon, the Twizzlers might fall.

Step 4: Now, toss yellow and orange candies on top of the cake. To add color, cut up some yellow and black Twizzlers into little pieces and sprinkle on top.

Step 5:  Place your cake on a round dish and toss some more yellow Twizzler bits around the base.

And you are done making your Halloween Twizzler and candy cake!