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Top 10 Easter Candy Favorites

After 15 years, our customers have told us what their favorite Easter Candy is. Where does your favorite fall?
Rain Blo

10. Rain-Blo Gum Eggs

The favorite "gum" in most Easter Baskets
Black Jelly Bean

9. Black Jelly Beans

Most people like Jelly Beans, but the true connoisseur loves the black ones
Chocolate Foil Eggs

8. Chocolate Foil Eggs

Making Easter Baskets "sparkle" since the 19th century
Jelly Belly

7. Jelly Belly Beans

50 life like flavored jelly beans made famous by President Reagan
Robin Eggs

6. Whopper Robin Eggs

A delish malted center just like the chocolate Whopper, but with tasty sweet crunchy coating
Jelly Beans

5. Jelly Beans (original)

In the 1800s, a Boston candy maker named William Schrafft advertised his jelly beans as a gift to send to Union soldiers fighting in the American Civil War. They became an Easter tradition in 1930.
Cadbury Cream Egg

4. Cadbury Cream Eggs

Delivered only by the "clucking" Easter Bunny
Reese's Eggs

3. Reese's Eggs

Everyone's favorite peanut butter cup in the shape of an egg. Most faithful prefer the taste of the egg over the cup - The Reason: The ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is higher in the egg.


2. Peeps

Since 1953 these little guys have found their way to most Easter Baskets. 600 million per Easter. Chicks still outsell bunnies. In fact, 4 out of every 5 Peeps purchased are chicks.
Chocolate Bunny

1. Chocolate Bunny

Pretty much a requirement for every Easter Basket with Milk Chocolate being the favorite followed by White Chocolate and then Dark Chocolate. The ears are usually the first bite of most bunny's
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