Cry Baby Nitro Sour Bubblegum 200ct

Size: 200 ct


IMPORTANT!  Here is what you need to know when you have to have a melt-able product and it is just plain hot out!   

If you take the these precautions as follows:

  1. Ship to a valid business address where someone is there to receive the package on the first attempt and get it into a cool room.
  2. Purchase our ice pack protection, which is offered in the shopping cart page

... and if your candy STILL melts, we will provide a refund for the melted item.  We will not reship these items.  If you do not take these precautions we cannot assume any risk of melting and cannot issue a refund or product replacement.

To avoid melting on idle delivery trucks over the weekend, melt-able orders will not be shipped when the ETA includes transport over a weekend. If you are unsure of ground transit times please call us at 888-729-1960.

If you have any concerns please contact our Customer Service at (888) 729-1960.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ari D.
liquid filled Cry Baby gum, how could it get better?

I'm a streamer and this gum became a redemption for people to put me through (I love it so it's actually a treat lol). It's just like I remember as a kid, and Groovy Candies got it to me quick!

Jessie S.
Fast shipping! Good flavor!

The nitros weren't as sour as I expected but they arrived SO quickly!! They are still pretty darn good and my family loves them so I can't complain. 😊

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