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Information about the Shelf Life of Candy

The shelf life of candy products varies widely. All candy will have a minimum shelf life of 8 weeks. This is as long as you store the candy unopened in a cool, but not refrigerated, dry place. For events such as a wedding, anniversary, shower, and birthday party, we suggest ordering your candy 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

In any event let common sense be your guide. And of course we are sensitive to shipping meltable items in warm weather. We have not found a candy yet that likes to be hot (we are not referring to the taste!) Hot temperatures will make the candy melt, discolor, change shape and cause the item to stick to its wrapper. It is always best to keep your product dry, in low humidity, and below 75 degrees Fahrenheit (but not in the fridge!). As with any food (except Peeps for some), the fresher the item the better it will taste. We all know that as gum, gummi and taffy products age or are exposed to cold temperatures they will start to harden. Also, if suckers are exposed to heat, the sucker may get stuck to the wrapper. Items that contain nuts will have a shorter shelf life due to the inclusion of the nuts, and should be consumed within 1 month of ordering. Softer candies such as caramels have a shorter shelf life due to their consistency. When you refrigerate or freeze chocolate the cocoa butter in it rises to the surface and makes it look white-ish. It may not look very tasty, however the chocolate is still safe to eat.