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Information about candy color, size and weight

The attributes of our candy items are often very important to our customers. Therefore in addition to the product name, price and stock #, each product page will provide you with other data our customers have indicated is important.

As with most products we come across each day, things change. Sometimes they are subtle changes in the packaging or color, and other times they are major changes. We have seen many products change every year. The old 1 ounce boxes of Boston Baked Beans have been reduced in weight many times in the past 10 years. Just like paint, milk and ice cream! Most important to our customer many times is the candy color. We have learned that from shipment to shipment, product color (and packaging) many times will vary. Also consider the lighting used when the candy poses for its portrait and the many different monitors and screens we use to view items. So if exact color is critical to your purchase call us. Also, manufacturers frequently change what is in their assortments, and we can not always keep pictures current.

For all bulk products the number of pieces is an estimate based on manufacturer data. The weight will always be correct but the number of pieces may vary.

We are happy to assist you with any special needs, figuring how much of an item will fit in a certain size container, and those types of questions.

Please contact us via email by clicking here or call us for more details.