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Candy Cigarettes

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Candy Cigarettes are a nostalgic favorite! We call these "bite size" because by the time they get to you that's what they are. If you want full size butts order the Bubblegum Cigarettes. There are approximately 8 white candy sticks in each .42 oz box.

These days they may be controversial, but candy cigarettes are still our best-selling nostalgic candy! Candy cigarettes were first introduced in the early 20th century and have only gained popularity since then! However, many critics believe the candy desensitizes children, leading them to become smokers later in life. Because of this, the selling of candy cigarettes has been banned in several countries such as Finland, Norway, the Ireland, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. They are still easily available in the United States, though many manufacturers now call them sticks rather than cigarettes.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufactured In Colombia
Brand World Confections
Meltable No
Color Assorted
Flavor Assorted
Season Year round
Kosher No

Customer Reviews (5)

Love old time candyReview by Ninzbo
These Candy Cigarettes bring back great childhood memories. (Posted on 6/26/2017)
Memories7Review by Ogie
I loved these as a a Kid! This candy does not lead a kid to smoke. Not now or never will be a smoker. Just happy memories attached to these. (Posted on 5/17/2017)
A passion for this candyReview by Rich
Ever since I was a child (I am 51 now) I have enjoyed this candy and it is an absolute joy to find them again, I will be ordering these by the 24ct box and most likely three or four boxes at a time! I love this candy and I have NEVER smoked in my entire life! (Posted on 4/21/2016)
MemoriesReview by llorimwagoner
I loved these as a kid. I am a smoker but I'm positive these yummy candies had nothing to do w/it @ all. I can't believe you can still find them! (Posted on 1/25/2016)
I love candy cigsReview by Willow
I could eat these delicious sticks of sugar forever. I've loved these things since I was a little girl. I'm 25 now, and still don't smoke (shocker!), so to all the folks out there who think that candy cigarettes promote smoking: Nope. They promote an intense love of sugar, happy childhood memories, and rapidly-spiking blood sugar. While I wouldn't ever give these to a diabetic person, these glorious sweet pieces of happiness are appropriate of kids of all ages, from 8 to 80. (Posted on 10/30/2015)

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