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Containers, scoops, signs etc.

As they say the devil is in the details. Picking out the candy is the fun part. Letting people know what candy it is and planning how they will transport it from the buffet to their table (or take it home later) does require a little planning. So please consider this:


Containers serve two purposes

Containers can serve 2 purposes on your candy buffet. Tall clear containers are great for display purposes to show the color them of your event. Fill one up with vibrant purple gumballs and it looks great. However, this type of container is not good for serving/self-serving candy. For the candy items you want your guests to help themselves to, a container with a wide opening and broad base is preferred. This will make scooping of candy easy, and the base will ensure stability as your guests fight over the candy!


Using all same size and style jars may look boring

Using all of the same jars may make your candy buffet look ‘boring’. Varying sizes and heights will give it come character. One bride told us she used jars that were all large sizes of drink glasses. A martini glass, a margarita glass, a wine glass, a champagne glass – all in large bowl size versions. Check the sale rack at a local craft store – that is where we have seen a number of containers like this at reasonable prices.


Scoop size matters

Test various scoops to determine ease of use, if they are right for the amount of reaching your guests will do, and how much candy they hold. Don’t use a large scoop if filling it will hold more candy than your containers can hold! Remember, many guests think candy is cheap and will load up. Many may think it will double as a snack for the ride home when they have the late night munchies.


Scoop type matters too

We have heard some brides use inexpensive plastic scoops and then have them snap when their guests are digging in the gummy bears. Consider the type of candy they are scooping. Runts or gumballs will scoop out rather easily. Gummi bears and similar candy is tougher to scoop and will require a sturdy scoop. Have someone check periodically to be sure the scoops are clean.


Spend some time considering the type of container your guests will be filling.

Speaking from experience, guests will fill what you provide for them. Some will be so excited (like a kid in a candy store) they won’t even leave room to close the container or bag, spilling a few pieces of candy as they run to their car. Most candy buffets use ½ pint containers (similar to those from a Chinese food establishment). Consider a frosted bag with a built in twisty along the top. Just remember if you plan on 5 or 6 ounces of candy per guest, don’t provide them a 16 ounce container!


Signs, signs, everywhere is signs!

You may want a larger sign on your candy buffet that commemorates your wedding day! These can be fun and classy, and will most likely be photographed many times. You should also consider a sign by each candy, telling what it is. Have fun, use puff paints and other crafts and theme it to your wedding party colors. Color paper and cardboard can be used too. Whatever you decide, just make sure it’s legible. If there is a doctor in the family, do not assign the making of signs to that person.

Click on the video below for our candy buffet video how-to guide!

Create a colorful candy buffet