Our latest Candy offerings

Great new tasty candy products are released all of the time.  So are candy products packaged with some pretty cools toys!  Here are a few of our latest candy items.

Kitty Korner Candy + Surprise

Have a cat lover that is also a candy lover?  Here you go - these are individually wrapped kitty carriers, and each contains paw-some candy and a meow-velous surprise kitty!  Collect them all! 


Gummi Unicorns Candy

 These are super cute, and taste good too!  This gummi candy is shaped like unicorns and comes in a variety of colors and flavors.  The flavors include raspberry, strawberry, grape and lemon.  Who says you can't play with your food!  This candy is Fat Free, Peanut Free and Gluten Free.  Each 3.5oz bag has about 14 pieces.


 Nerds Surf & Turf Raspberry & Tropical Punch Candy

New from the great line of Nerds candy is this flavor combination they call Surf & Turf Raspberry & Tropical Punch Candy.  Obviously not the steak and lobster you may have first thought of - but you won't be disappointed with these great tasting treats.


Hot Wheels Formula 1 Racer - Candy Filled Car

Why settle with boring candy, when you can hit the tracks with this sweet ride! Introducing the Hot Wheels Formula 1 Racer - cars you can actually race! This novelty item comes in three different colors to collect; Red, Blue, and Green, and are filled with delicious dextrose candy. Compete with your friends by pulling the cars back to see them race. 


Bakugan Laser Pop with Candy

Beam out cool Bakugan characters using this flashy 2-in-1 laser projecting lollipop. The Laser Pop projects a fun and safe "laser" light that casts Bakugan themed images when you point it onto a flat surface. Turn out the lights and have a roaring laser light show with your friends, while enjoying a tasty lollipop treat. These Bakugan Laser Pops come in 3 great flavors, strawberry, blue raspberry, and cherry.


Check back for more fun products, and search www.groovycandies.com for all of your retro candy favorites.



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