Top 10 Sour Candy Favorites - GROOVYCANDIES

We all have a craving for something sour now and then. If you are into sour candy (and not drinking some sour Italian salad dressing) then you are sure to enjoy this list of our best selling sour candy. It seems each year the candy manufacturers push each other to come out with a bolder sour candy. We say 'Keep them coming'. So here is our list - where does your favorite fall?

10. Mega Warheads            

CAUTION: The first 50 seconds are EXTREMELY INTENSE!    Hang in there! Individually wrapped assorted sour fruit flavor  hard candy. These come in 5 flavors: Black Cherry, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Lemon and Apple.

9. Sour Patch Kids      

First they're sour, then they're sweet! Unwrapped sugar coated sour fruit flavor chewy candy in the shape of small children. These come in 4 flavors: Cherry, Lemon, Lime, and Orange.

8. Sour Punch Twist      

These are sour-sprinkled straws full of tangy flavor and come in Blue Razzmatazz, Chargin’ Cherry, Strikin’ Strawberry, and Zappin Apple.

7. Sour Flush Candy Toilets    

2 in 1 treat! The plungers are a sour fruit flavor hard candy sucker you dip into the toilet bowl containing sour fruit flavor candy powder. And yes we sell a lot of these to plumbers!

6. Sour Apple Laffy Taffy     

Another staple in the sour candy aisle! Laffy Taffy is know for it's long lasting flavor so you will have no trouble puckering up with this favorite sour candy. Fortunately these jars have enough to share, just don't tell your dentist.

5. Charms Sweet n Sour Pops      

Individually wrapped Charms assorted fruit flavor sweet and sour pops. Sweet n Sour Charms Pops are a favorite of young and old alike! Please note as of April 2105 there are new flavors in this lollipop assortment. The flavors are now Sweet Pineapple / Sour Grapefruit, Sweet Cherry / Sour Green Apple, Sweet BlueRazzBerry / Sour Watermelon and Sweet Mango / Sour Tangerine.

4. Sour Skittles     

Taste the rainbow with these sour Skittles! Fruit flavor bite size chewy candy in 5 flavors: Grape, Lemon, Green Apple, Orange, and Strawberry.

3. Charms Sour Balls       

Assorted fruit flavor Charms hard sour balls served up in a canister. The great sour flavors include Lemon, Lime, Grape, Orange, Cherry, and Pineapple. Walter W. Reid Jr. founded the Charms Candy Company in 1912.The company was originally called Tropical Charms, a reference to the individually wrapped square shaped hard candies, which were one of the first to be individually wrapped in cellophane. Tropical Charms was founded in Bloomfield, NJ. The company name was eventually shortened to Charms. During World War II, the U.S. Army began including Charms candies in combat rations as a supplemental energy form.

2. Napoleon Sours      

Napoleon Sours are back, imported from The Netherlands. Remember the yellow sphere with the acidic lemon powder on the inside. Napoleon Sour Candies have been around for 100 years and have hardly changed. A real classic candy!

1. Regal Crown Sour Cherry Rolls      

These were originally from England, and years ago were a very popular candy in America. They are back and still taste great with a fruity and tart taste. What a cool retro candy gift for the sour cherry lover on your list. Each roll has 7 individually wrapped pieces for freshness. Also available in Sour Lemon.