4 Keys to Wedding Candy Buffet Success - GROOVYCANDIES

Here are some candy buffet mistakes to avoid.

Avoid ordering too little candy

Customers have told us cut back on quantity to save on cost. In other words, they calculated what they needed, then convinced themselves to get by on less. Please remember, the candy serves 2 purposes! To create an attractive and glowing look full of colors! And to provide a sweet thank you treat for your guests. Please see our full guide for more tips. Just like the other ( agreeable more important ) parts of your wedding day, thinking through the candy buffet is worth the time.

Avoid too few candy varieties

Most of our customers have between 5 and 9 varieties of candy on their buffet. This allows you to fully embrace theming your buffet for your colors and personal tastes. It also provides you better odds to have something for everyone. We have heard ‘I didn’t care for the beef or fish’ but have not yet heard ‘ there was no candy that I liked on the buffet’.

Avoid buying too early or too late

Plan to receive your candy about 2 to 3 weeks before your event. Please note – we suggest ordering it 6 to 8 weeks before the event. We can secure the product, let you know if any items are out of stock or no longer available, and make appropriate substitutions. We will then ship so the product arrives giving you time for a trial setup. If there is a last minute emergency, please call us. We do handle these regularly, and can accommodate most needs.

Well begun is half done

Of all the tasks you tackle each day, there are a few that don’t go perfectly. Planning and allowing time for delays and mistakes is the best advice we can offer. The most common issue we see is a delay is shipping time by the different carriers we use. This is even more common around the major holidays and when weather is bad. There have been times when candy wasn’t properly delivered and sat in the sun for hours. That’s not good… For that reason we suggest if it is an option to have your candy delivered to a commercial address. These are typically air conditioned, on a regular route and time, and have a live person sign for the receipt of the packages.


Click on the video below for our candy buffet video how-to guide!