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Bonomo Turkish Taffy Banana Bar

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Wow - did you ever dream they would bring classic Bonomo Turkish Taffy back!? Bonomo Banana Taffy just as you remember it. Enjoy this trip down memory lane. Each bar is 1.5 oz.

Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy is a nostalgic candy favorite that’s returned after a long absence – and we’re so glad it’s back! Bonomo Company was founded in Coney Island, NY in 1897 by Albert J. Bonomo, a Sephardic Jew who had had emigrated from Izmir, Turkey. The company originally produced salt water taffy and hard candies. Turkish Taffy, a chewy taffy-like candy (technically, it’s a nougat), was invented by Victor Bonomo, Albert’s son. Turkish Taffy was originally distributed at Woolworth's stores, where pieces were broken off of large sheets with a ball-peen hammer at the counter and sold by weight. In the late 1940s, the company released a version in candy-bar size which the purchaser could whack against a hard surface to break into bite-sized pieces. Turkish Taffy was discontinued in 1989, but it’s been back in production since 2010, much to the delight of nostalgic candy fans everywhere.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufactured In United States
Brand Warrell Classic Company
Meltable No
Color Yellow
Flavor Banana
Season Year round
Kosher Yes

Customer Reviews (3)

great big candy store from the 50's 60's and the 70's..My favorite is the bonomo's turkish taffy..Review by pat
BONOMO TURKISH TAFFY.... (Posted on 3/2/2019)
Welcome back!Review by Fred
This was my favorite candy growing up. My favorites were the banana and the vanilla. This reintroduction tastes exactly like it always did (except for the strawberry). Further, I have seen it in cherry, and that is delicious as well. I know people talked about it for years, and I am delighted it is, once again, available! (Posted on 1/4/2018)
Great candy and great shippingReview by nellbarb
This company offers great candy and fast shipping. Has lots of candy that can't be found anywhere else. I rate their selection and their company 5 stars. (Posted on 2/17/2016)

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