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Groovy Candies (www.GroovyCandies.com), a Veteran Owned Company, is one of the World’s Premier Online Candy Super Stores, which has been headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio serving up thousands of popular, hard to get, and retro candies, and assorted retro candy gift collections, since its founding in 1999 – it is the ultimate online candy superstore for all candy needs, as well as now offering fun and classic toys & games and all kinds cool stuff related to merchandise for pets. Whether someone is a candy aficionado that needs to find the best value and best selection of their favorite or hard to find candies, or a retail establishment or special attraction needing to continually stock its candy offerings, Groovy Candies is the one stop online Candy Super Store and Supplier for the best selection and best prices for ALL fresh and delicious candy and candy gift collection needs. To make doing business with Groovy Candies even sweeter, customers always have the option to call one of an easily accessible” live” Groovy Candy Consultants to get tips, advice, and assistance in placing their orders. From Almond Joy to Boston Baked Beans to Chuckles to Gummi Bears to Lemonheads to Mary Janes to Skybars to Tootsie Rolls to Zagnuts, and on and on and on, Groovy Candies is the candy store of choice for all things candy. Groovy Candies has the supply chain in place that is well seasoned from its founding in 1999 and has the global reach and presence to provide the best value and best and freshest selection for its customers around the world, with the best personalized attention in the industry. For nearly twenty years, the Cleveland, Ohio–based Online Candy Super Store has been serving up all kinds of popular candy and retro treats to its tens of thousands of loyal and devoted Customers. To delight customers even more, Groovy Candies happily provides customers with access to convenient delivery and redirect options as a better way to stay connected to Groovy’ s customers. Groovy Candies’ customers are in the loop for the whole order process – from order placement to final delivery Groovy Candies fulfillment process has been well tested and proven to optimize and enhance the fulfillment and delivery experience for any type of customer, anywhere.

The Groovy candy journey began at the start of 1999, when a friend introduced President Nick Marra to a motivational speaker and sports show promoter who collected retro candies — pumpkin seeds, candy necklaces, wax lips and the like ― and sold them at his various speaking and sports engagements. After Nick was exposed to the unique idea to sell old-time candies, he became intrigued by the opportunity as a once in a lifetime opportunity to fill a definite market niche for candy aficionados everywhere needing their candy fix of hard to find, popular and retro candies. Groovy Candies observed a market trend that a lot of the retro candy products thought to be long extinct and never to be found were still available, they just weren't widely distributed. Proactive marketing helped Groovy Candies get a big break when Groovy Candies executives sent a letter to the producer of the CBS Morning Show and CBS invited Groovy Candies to New York where one of the original Groovy Candies shareholders spent six amazing minutes on the CBS Morning show talking about Groovy Candies’ retro candy offerings with Bryant Gumbel. After Groovy Candies television debut sales skyrocketed and the company fastened its seatbelts for an amazing ride. As the CBS Morning Show television segment aired, a wave of phone calls poured in to the fledgling company with candy orders for Christmas. After that debut on national television with the appearance with Bryant Gumbel, Groovy Candies grabbed extraordinary momentum, which led to the company being written about and being discussed by USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Regis and Kathie Lee, Rosie O'Donnell, etc. Groovy Candies has an easily verifiable popularity and longstanding media presence and strong customer following and everyone is highly encouraged to view the YouTube videos about Groovy Candies here on our Groovy Candies YouTube channel.

Groovy Candies Product offerings capture that “I remember when” spirit that took Groovy Candies into this century as a retro candy and retro collection and bulk candy leader, as well as a go to site for everyday and bulk candy purchases.

Groovy Candies has handled millions of visitors over its nearly 20 year history with exceptional efficiency to the delight of its loyal Groovy customers! Groovy Candies has cultivated and proven throughout its nearly twenty-year history it has the right relationships in place throughout its entire supply and value chain to enable Groovy to ensure all orders, whether large or small, are delivered with accuracy and freshness each and every order.

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