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The original "Flowing Center" candy cups! Creamy flowing marshmallow in two rich milk chocolate cups. Each pack is a total of 2 oz.

Did you know? The name Valomilk represents the three ingredients: vanilla, marshmallow, and milk chocolate.

Sifers Candy was making penny marshmallows in the ‘20s and ‘30s. Now in those days, real vanilla had a large alcohol content and candy makers were known to take a few snorts now and then. One day, a candy maker named Tommy got a little carried away with the vanilla while making marshmallow and ruined a batch. Instead of setting up after cooling, the marshmallow remained runny!

The owner, Harry Sifers, was always looking for new ideas for candy so they dipped scoops of the runny marshmallow into chocolate cups. It was messy but so delicious – a simple taste of heaven! We began making the new candy, calling it VALOMILK DIPS and selling them for 5 cents in 1931. So the Original Sifers VALOMILK Candy Cup was invented quite by accident.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Sifers Russell Candy
Meltable Yes
Color White
Flavor Vanilla
Season Year round
Kosher No

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