Smarties 15-Tablet Rolls

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1 lb
About 60 pieces
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3 lbs
About 180 pieces
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About 360 pieces
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About 2400 pieces
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Assorted flavor and color crunchy candy rolls. Each roll contains approximately 15 pieces.

If you’re a smarty-pants, then you definitely love tasty Smarties! Smarties have been produced since 1949, when a candy manufacturer from England came to the US and established Ce De Candy, Inc. Ce De Candy, now called Smarties Candy Company and located in New Jersey, still manufactures the candy today. Each pretty pastel color in a Smarties roll is actually a different flavor! Fun fact – Smarties in America are different from Smarties in the rest of the world. Nestle makes a chocolate candy called Smarties that is sold in the UK and Canada. American Smarties are called “Rockets” in Canada.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Ce De Candy
Meltable No
Color Assorted
Flavor Assorted
Season Year round
Kosher No

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